Every possible shape

We create shapes and therefore project furniture that is unique. Besides bending the wood, we can also edit it with many other techniques. Our machines deliver an identical execution every time, despite the time period between those assignments.

There are very little limitations in the execution of creative ideas. That’s why architects and designers are happy to work with us.

Upholstery options

Our craftsmen can vary the upholstery of your furniture as you like. Button tufted, flat, or diamond stitched.

There are practically no limitations. With your own stitching a bespoke design really stands out. And above all, we guarantee high quality. In our brochures you can find some of the many options.

Colour and paint

We can use the exact colour of your brand as the lacquer for your furniture. Our craftsmen and professional appliances ensure a perfect finish of small as well as bigger surfaces.

Furthermore it’s also possible to add colour with a ‘vintage’ feel. Contemporary furniture, with ‘old-day’ flair.

Symbol in wood

Use your logo within your furniture design and ensure a unique look and feel. Or opt for a different coloured version of your logo, for example in gold. Whatever your choice may be, we always finish the furniture of with a high-quality paint that remains beautiful over time.Distinguish yourself with our furniture, in public- and private spaces.

Logo on fabric

We do not limit our clients in the design of their furniture; the choice for type and colour of fabric or leather upholstery is up to you. Even your company’s logo can be applied in a subtle way, so your brand identity can be implemented to detail. Pictures or other graphics can also be added to the fabric.

The possibilities are endless


Years of experience have led to this. Manufacturer since 1935.


With a solution-driven mindset, we are highly flexible.


We manufacture furniture that translates your unique design.

See for yourself

Our clients do the most versatile projects, that each ask for the use of different techniques.




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There are different seating areas, that make it possible to discuss, work, and brainstorm. The entire space is flexible within use and fit to give presentations etc.

Designed by M+R Interior Architecture, furniture manufactured by Hutten.


Sparks Meeting


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Sparks Meeting

As part of the assignment we were challenged to create insanely big tube-shaped benches, that turned out to be some of the best pieces we have ever made.

A brilliant piece of design by renowned
Cobra Studios.

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