Our Pilar tablebase. This round pillar comes in both oak and beech wood, and is available in various hights and diameters. Go nuts with an eyecatching tabletop, we will gladly offer you some advice.

PLEASE NOTE: Besides our standard sizes, almost all sizes are possible.

BaseFoot sizeTable top sizeTable top height *
71 cm.50 cm. Ø60x60 and 70 cm. Ø20-45 mm.
108 cm. 50 cm. Ø55x55 and 60 cm. Ø20-45 mm.
71 cm.60 cm. Ø80x80 and 100 cm. Ø20-45 mm.
108 cm.60 cm. Ø70x70 and 80 cm. Ø20-45 mm.

* Height depends on chosen table top material