Tablebase Lira is available with a solid oak or beech wood, or metal column. The foot of the base is made of solid metal. Like all of our furniture, you have endless options to make this design your own. No two Lira’s (for different clients) look the same. That’s part of our power; turning standard collection pieces into bespoke  furniture that suits your needs and wishes.

BaseFoot sizeTable top sizeTable top height *
71 cm.40x40 cm.80x80 cm.20-45 mm.
71 cm.60x60 cm.120x120 cm.20-45 mm.
108 cm.60x60 cm.120x120 cm.20-45 mm.
71 cm.90x50 cm.180x90 cm.20-45 mm.
108 cm.90x50 cm.180x90 cm.20-45 mm.

* Height depends on chosen table top material