Collaboration with architects

Are you an architect that wants to turn your ideas into reality? With our unique bespoke furniture we will turn your project into a success. We work closely together with you to reach the highest possible result. In our own factory we have the ability to execute your designs fast and affordable. High quality and reliability always come first.

Discuss your wishes

Endless possibilities

The possibilities are truly endless. There are multiple finishes you can think of. Add a personal touch to your furniture.

  • Laser your logo or symbol onto a design
  • Print a photo on the material
  • Vary in upholstery of your furniture
  • A paint colour in your brand identity range
  • Or create unique shapes

Project furniture for all use


We help develop your design ideas and dreams, into the furniture you’ve envisioned.


Our craftsmen provide project furniture that will last for years and years to come.

Fair price

And by manufacturing ourselves, we’re able to offer you affordable bespoke furniture.

Architects choices

We’re happy to assist you. Almost all of our furniture is applicable for any project, yet we notice a few designs that are favoured by architects. These designs are completely adaptable to your own taste and brand identity.

“Architects often choose playful colours and combinations.”
Robin van Es | Project Manager Free inspiration

Crush stool



Evia stool

Our projects

Would you like to know what a collaboration with Hutten looks like exactly? We work for all possible sectors, from healthcare institutions to trendy offices. These and many other projects were decorated with love, and we are of course happy to add your project to that. Gain some inspiration.

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